Nuclear Mutual Limited
January 1973 NML issued first policy with a $100 million limit.
(14 Members, 18 Sites)

August 1980 NML policy limits were increased to $375 million.
(17 Members, 28 Sites)

August 1982 NML policy limits were increased to $500 million.
(19 Members, 29 Sites)

April 1984 NML Board reduced the Retrospective Premium Adjustment from 14 to 10.

November 1988 NML incorporated INPO credits into the rating.

April 1990 NML increased the Class Credit for Operating Facility Policies from 20% to 27.5%.

January 1991 NML had 25 Members and 34 sites.

May 1996 NML had 41 Members and 50 sites.

December 1997 NML merged into NEIL.

Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited
February 1980 NEIL offered a Replacement Cost Policy
(NEIL I) with $2 million Weekly Indemnity

November 1981 Excess Property policy was written with a $118 million limit

September 1986 Weekly Indemnity was increased to $3.5 million.

September 1987 Excess Property limit increased to $775 million.

September 1988 NEIL I deductible was reduced from 26 weeks to 21 weeks.

June 1989 Board approved a 10% reduction in the NEIL I base premium. The Indemnity period was increased to allow some recovery in third year of covered outage.

November 1991 Excess Property limit increased to $1.25 billion.

September 1992 NEIL I third-year indemnity was increased to 67%.

June 1994 Board approved second Excess layer of $850 million.

September 1994 NEIL I second- and third-year indemnification increased to 80% of weekly indemnity limit.

November 1995 The NEIL II and NEIL III premiums were reduced.

March 1996 Board approved reinsuring ANI.

November 1997 The rates for NEIL II were reduced and a 7.5% credit was added to the rating for having a NEIL Primary Policy.

December 1997 Board approved a 20% reduction in premium for all policies. NEIL and NML merged.

January 1999 Overseas NEIL opened office in Dublin, Ireland. Electrabel is first European Member.

December 1999 All NEIL policy premiums were reduced by 25%.

October 2001 Retrospective Premium Adjustments were increased to 10. Terrorism coverage is capped at $3.24 billion for all losses that occur within one year of the first loss.

December 2001 NEIL I deductible option and increase in Weekly Indemnity to $4.5 million were approved.

Underwriting income, investment income and unrealized gains/losses

Distributions and income retained in surplus